(Anglais) Dr Mona Gupta – Parmi les influenceurs de 2023

18 avril 2023

Extrait de l’article complet : The Power List: Top 10 Health Care Innovators – Macleans.ca

Mona Gupta is forging the future of MAID

Psychiatrist, University of Montreal

Mona Gupta is a psychiatrist at the University of Montreal and an expert on medical assistance in dyingIf Canada’s health-care system is experiencing a crisis of morale, the issue of medical assistance in dying, or MAID, seems to hinge on a crisis of conscience. Gupta, a nationally recognized voice in the field of bioethics, was chosen last year to chair an expert panel convened by the Liberal government to provide recommendations on how to safely extend MAID to Canadians whose sole medical condition is mental illness. (Some critics have argued that medically assisted death could become an inadvertent “cure” for things like poverty and homelessness.) In the face of the government tabling legislation to push back MAID’s expansion to March of 2024, Gupta has represented a rare (and uniquely qualified) voice of dissent against the delay, standing up for Canadians’ right to die on their own terms and timelines.