Comment la stigmatisation nuit à la santé des transgenres (anglais)

20 février 2024

For transgender and nonbinary people, feeling connected to one’s community may alleviate the adverse health effects of chronic exposure to stigma, the latest findings of a U.S.-Canada study suggests.

Done in collaboration with Université de Montréal assistant professor of psychiatry Robert-Paul Juster, the findings of the Trans Resilience & Health Study focus on variations in the human body’s production of cortisol, a key hormone in the stress response.

In their work published earlier this month in Hormones and Behavior, the researchers were able to demonstrate a link between higher exposure to gender-related stigma and a pattern of cortisol variation that was blunted, sluggish and flattened.

This implies a decreased ability to regulate the body’s stress response, the scientists say.

« Almost every cell and system in our body is influenced by cortisol, » said Juster, who works at the UdeM-affiliated research centre of the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal.

Source et article complet : How stigma hurts trans health | Mirage News